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The Phoenix Has Risen

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Welcome to the “new and Improved” Prison Victory magazine.  New because it’s been resting quietly for two years, improved because it’s got new art, more pages, new direction and a new spirit of integrity… and no staples!!!

PVM was founded in early 2004 during the production of our mainstay magazine, Christian Motorsports Illustrated.  We had moved to Ft Worth and plugged in with a prison ministry there.  During that time, recognizing that CMI had been going into prisons since the very first issue in 1996, why not do a prison specific version?

Everybody saluted the idea and Prison Victory was born, art direction by Rick Schiller and printed in San Antonio.  It was a rocky go as the devil wanted to destroy PVM’s destiny and anyone affiliated with it.  Finally the sixth issue was printed by the Imaging Bureau in Dallas with art by Deaven Butler and left behind by the prison ministry that had originally so lovingly encouraged it…

But the bug had bit… I had been in prison ministry since ’93 and the three years of Prison Victory would not stay laid down…  With increased pressure from the prisons — “Where is Prison Victory?” and a new champion (ED) to inspire it up out of the ashes like the Phoenix, Prison Victory returns with a vengeance…

Here’s ED’s story… “About eleven years ago my oldest son went to prison for shooting an empty car.  The charge was attempted assault with a deadly weapon.  Of course he went through the drill of sentencing and probation, coupled with a lot of bad behavior and defiance.  Ultimately, negligent of paying probation fees, continually getting drunk, doing drugs and threatening people with their lives, he went to jail for 18 months.  When he got out he went right back to where he was; back to drinking, drugs, not working or when he did work, drinking all of his money away.  Along the way my youngest was getting hooked on pain killers.

Eventually both boys went to jail within weeks of one another. In just a short amount of time the youngest tried to kill himself, put into suicide watch naked in solitary, and the oldest in segregation for threats to a guard.

My youngest and his family lived in a car, homeless a number of times due to their addictions, using theft and begging outside of stores to get money to sustain their addictions and feed the kids. You should have seen the condition they were in and the car; half the steering wheel was gone, tie rods sticking through the hood, trashed, and on and on!  I spent hours and hours trying to find some kind of help for these kids. Where had I gone wrong?  Why wouldn’t their father step up into his role?  My God, my God… Why have you forsaken me?

The system is failing miserably.  Both my sons really wanted help.  I took off of work time and time again to get them into a rehab just to be told to take them home and someone would call when they had a space for them, never to hear from them again..  The people working at the facilities were standing around like they had no cares in the world whatsoever, while people in desperation were begging for help standing right there before them.  The system itself seems to have the devil himself in control.  I began to pray for help. Please God!  What am I to do?

I don’t have an addiction. I don’t have emotional problems. I have a full time job and I could not find help for my sons… at any price-not REAL help… just bandaids…  How would someone who needs help and is penniless, homeless, and without means of any kind find help within our system?

My passion was to change this!!!  At first I thought of getting to people at the point they needed bail bonding.  At this point, most people are open to help and the families are certainly reaching out for someone and something. Over the years I paid probation fees and watched my sons get out, get a pat on the back by the bail bonds folks, told to call them each week and good luck.  This could be an avenue to begin planting the seeds God so wanted us to plant.

I invested much into establishing my own bail bond office and prepared to have teaching and training required for the bondees as well as their families.  I established a collateral tow truck and wrecker business to help support this passion of educating and loving those who needed and deserved love and a second chance. Something stopped this direction within a few months…

Behold, I was given the opportunity to work with this great magazine and to work with passionate people that invest everything they are into putting this tool into the hands of folks who need the hope, the love and the encouragement to press on in spite of all odds.  I am humbled by the efforts of this team, called to do God’s work and I’m honored to be appointed publisher.

MY PASSION is to get every last person out of prison and lead them to JESUS, then direct them to help centers and life management programs which will set them in a direction for success.

Do you know one person on this earth that we should not endeavor to touch! Read Matthew 25:31-46 and then ask yourself, “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO.”
We’re like firemen in a blazing inferno... first, get out; stay out; and then go get the rest out!!!  Won’t you please help me? Special Thanks to:



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