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Prison Victory


Welcome to the most effective prison ministry tool on the planet!  It works while you sleep!  Prison ministry is one of the most rewarding and yet challenging ministries going.  You can reach some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time...

Prison Victory Magazine is the “sister” magazine of CMI that is designed to go behind the scenes in prisons... reaching into the deepest darkest holes bringing the hope of Jesus Christ using motorsports, hot rods, motorcycles etc. sprinkled with hard core answers to behavioral questions, relationship issues, chemical challenges and general bad actions that got us here to start with...

Celebrating life, love, freedom and the pursuit of being a productive member of the society...  How to successfully complete the sentence, write effective parole letters, parole out to a meaningful life, changing your thoughts, words and deeds right now to facilitate a productive life and going back in to get the rest of the guys out...

We're like firemen in a blazing inferno... first get out, stay out and go get the rest out!!!

Get your bulk order copies online for the SPECIAL of $2 each (Reg. $3) — Click HERE. (Cover Price $6)

Order a gift subscription to send to a prisoner for the SPECIAL of just $13 a year — Click HERE.  

Order a single copy for $6 + $3 S&H — Click HERE.

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1 You Tried to Destroy Me...But...
2 The Phoenix Has Risen
3 Big Al’s Custom Bike Raffle
4 Virtual Magazine — PVM 2nd Quarter, 2009
5 Prison Victory Testimony
6 God Speed Ministries Testimony
7 Big Al’s Testimony on CBN’s 700 Club
8 Big Al’s Testimony on “Loco for Christ” TV Program

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