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Christian Motorsports Ministries (CMM)

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Christian Motorsports Ministries (CMM) is a tax exempt IRS 501c3 ministry incorporated in the state of Texas.  Its published purpose is to bring an encouraging message of the love of Jesus and the hope of eternal life and peace to a lost and dying world.

It does this in a variety of ways:
  1. First and foremost is the Christian Motorsports Illustrated Magazine.  While CMI is run like any major motorsports publication, CMM sponsors thousands of copies to go into race tracks, prisons, newsstands and schools.
  2. SecondCMM produces videos to be used in a variety of venues — mostly as handouts for viewing by unchurched folks at car shows, races, churches, schools and prisons. For example, the current video in production features the story on how Dale Earnhardt gave his life to the Lord long before his death as well as many other NASCAR and drag race testimonies captured to inspire viewers.  In order to maintain the highest caliber of production, it takes some serious financial commitment.
  3. Third Travel.  If we’re not on the road getting more stories, speaking at racing banquets, prisons and schools, the Word is not getting out.  It takes a serious commitment on our part to leave our home and family for these engagements.  Rolling stock costs are enormous, video and IT equipment is always subject to needs and ya gotta feed the birds occasionally too!

Partnering with CMM on these projects can be as simple as a monthly commitment on a credit card. Most of our partners enjoy our monthly newsletters and respond with a generous donation check through the mail. We’ve got one really neat character who sends a wad of hundred dollar bills out of the blue and others will drop in a $20, $5 or whatever.

No matter what donation, if any, is received, it is put to immediate use for promoting the Lord’s work here on earth.  Bills are always waiting to be paid and new equipment to be purchased. The Lord has given us the desires — we know that our faithful partners will be used by Him to fulfill those desires.

God bless you for giving to the Lord. Twenty years ago, I was a life that was changed…

Roland Osborne


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