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Fundraising with CMI

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Christian MotorSports Illustrated magazines appeal to Christian and secular audiences alike. All appreciate the human-interest element intertwined with the fast action stories of the hottest topics in motorsports today.

From the NASCAR speedways to small town dirt tracks, we cover the entire world of motorsports and the folks that make it happen.

Ready to get started? Here’s how it works:

There are 2 options available; you choose which option is best suited for your organization.

Option 1
Single-issue sales.
Pre-order the number of magazines needed to have a “show piece” for each fundraising participant (which they should be able to keep for themselves after the campaign has ended). This is the only recommended upfront expense needed. At the end of the campaign the collected money minus your profit is sent to CMI to ship the bulk order to your organization to distribute back to the supporters through your fundraising participants.

You pay $3.00 for each magazine (plus S&H of $12.50 per lots of 50) out of the collected funds.
You sell the magazines for $6.00 each.
You profit $2.75 per issue sold!

If your organization collectively sold only 750 copies your profits would exceed $2000.00!!!

(You could repeat this with each new issue!)

Option 2
Subscription sales
Your organization can sell subscriptions to the magazine, no upfront costs of any kind to you.*

Simply have subscribers fill out the subscription forms that you download from this site and collect their monies for the subscriptions. A deadline will be set by you with CMI for the forms to be turned in by. Your organization keeps the money collected and sends CMI a single check for the subscriptions (less your organization’s part) along with the subscription forms.

Subscribers pay $24 for an annual (4 issue) subscription.
You keep $12 per subscription sold.
If your organization collectively sells only 500 subscriptions, your profit would be $5000.00!!!

It is so simple! For example:  Your organization collects 500 subscriptions at $24 each. Your organization keeps the cash/checks/money orders, etc paid for the subscriptions, which will be a total of $6,000 ($12 per subscription). Subscribers can expect their first issue within 4-6 weeks of orders being received by CMI.

Once you register with CMI and login to your account you will find a fundraising resource area that provides you with all the downloadable forms to help you organize your fundraiser.

It is our goal for your fundraising experience to be both fun and successful.

*We still recommend that you pre-order sample copies of the magazines to have as “show pieces” for each fundraising participant. It will make the sale that much easier!


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