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Are You Crazy Enough To Have What It Takes?

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Do you think you have what it takes? Are you just crazy enough to stand against fear and go for it? Are you strong enough to serve God — not just by living for Him — but also by doing what He has called you to do?

  I remember what it was like answering that call…

I was an “aspiring writer” before I became the editor for CMI — taking blind shots in the dark hoping to hit a target. I felt writing was the call on my life, and I longed so fiercely to break into print. I had written a poetry collection, and naively thought it would be as simple as sending it to a publisher who would snatch it right up and send me a contract… yeah, right. Oh, was I in for a reality check. Turned out, it’s not quite so simple. First, you have to be published before you can be published. Ergo, my next step, according to my “how to get published books,” was to send single samples of my work to various magazines for individual publication credits. That was not much fun either, I soon found out, as rejection letter after rejection letter filled my mailbox. However, I felt the push to keep trying. I finally got several pieces published, but there was one poem I submitted that propelled me into a realm I never dreamed possible… or dreamed of period for that matter.

I submitted a poem about the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr., my only poem that deals with any type of motorsports, to Roland Osborne with Christian MotorSports Illustrated. To my surprise, he wrote me back that he liked it! Then, I didn’t hear from him again for a while. Following the advice of my “how to” books again, a couple of months later I followed up on that submission, checking with Roland to see if, well, if they were going to use it. His reply made me dizzy and took my breath… He wanted to know if I was a writer as they were in need of a new NASCAR columnist!

Wow! I knew that this was opportunity staring me in the face. Did I dare to chance it? Did I dare not to? I figured, “Well, what could be the worst that happens… another no?” So I said, “Yes.” Roland told me he’d have a package of some past issues put in the mail to me so I could get a flavor for the magazine. He said to just pick a driver, and we would go from there.

The day I got the package, I was so excited. I ran inside, jumped on my bed and tore open the envelope. I pulled out a magazine that looked nothing like the ones my poems had been printing in. Whoa! This was awesome! I flipped open the pages and began reading thru a previous NASCAR article. I was wowed; I was amazed; I was totally… intimidated!

I tossed the magazine across the bed, dropped my head in my hands and cried, “Oh, God, what have You gotten me in to? I can’t do this!” After a moment, I took a deep breath, picked the magazine back up, and resumed my research…

As editor for CMI, (funny how God works isn’t it?), I can tell you that answering God’s call on your life is not easy, but it is definitely worth it! I have been graced with opportunities to come to know and speak with folks that I never would have been chanced to otherwise. My first major interview was with Michael Waltrip! The joys of working on this magazine have been phenomenal. Yet, there have also been times that I flashback to my “God, I can’t do this!” moment, thinking that it’s more than I can handle. Then I realize it is more than I can handle. That’s when I say, “Ok, God, this is your project. You deal with this, and I’ll just come along for the ride.” And, oh boy, what a ride it has been too!

So, I ask you again… are you just crazy enough to have what it takes? If you do, buckle-up — it’s gonna be a wild ride!


My Nephew

Arsen Lee 

My Nephew Arsen Lee

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