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CMI is Going Bimonthly...with Your Help

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As we worked putting together this issue of CMI, we appreciated the hard work of all involved ...AND YOU our readers can encourage production to an even greater capacity.

With a little help from our readers and supporters, the possibilities of this magazine ministry are endless.

Here is how you can help:
Tell others about CMI!  Help us get the word out; introduce the public to this publication.

Imagine, if you will, a product you thoroughly enjoy.  Perhaps it’s a cleaning product that has a pleasant scent and works better than any other you have come across.  Most likely, you have referred it to others.  “Hey, have you tried (product)?  I have found it works great for…”  You were spreading the word, and word of mouth is invaluable.

Over the past three years, CMI has grown phenomenally.  We hope you are enjoying the increased page count from 36 to 82, the exclusive celebrity interviews, amazing testimonies, and more.  And there is so much more still that we want to continue to bring you.  But we need your help.  If water stands still, it will stagnate and sour; it needs movement to stay fresh.  Like water, this magazine needs to keep moving.  It needs to reach a broader audience, reach further into the churches and motorsport venues, and homes.

This magazine is a powerful witnessing tool.  Unique in the marketplace, there is not another magazine out there like CMI.  It stands alone in the world of motorsports as an inspirational publication.  Fellow Christians and non-believers alike enjoy the artwork and articles that intertwine fast action and human interest into a “Reader’s Digest” of sorts for the motorsport enthusiast.

Throughout the pages is the salt of the Gospel.  God calls His people to be the “salt of the earth,” and we have applied that same principle to the CMI publication.  We don’t overwhelm, we simply season the magazine with the goodness of God’s grace.

With it, you hold in your hands a gentle way to lead people to Jesus.  Take advantage of that! 

The field is ripe for harvest; go gather in the harvest before it spoils!
CMI is clean and family-friendly.  You don’t have to worry about your 5-year-old, or grandma, flipping through your copy of CMI and finding something that would embarrass you. 

It’s a great publication to take into youth groups, men’s ministries, and even the general church.  So tell your church about CMI!
Know a motorsports enthusiast at the workplace?  Tell them about CMI!

Take copies with you to the tracks and pass them along.  Place them in waiting rooms at doctors’ offices, at tire and lube shops, laundromats, etc, etc, etc!

CMI is making a difference in the lives it touches.  See for yourself, check out the letters from our readers for a small example, or read Dean’s story (Beyond the Death Sentence — Between the Pages) from last issue.

You can help make a difference simply by spreading the word.  Will you? 

You can start by ordering bulk copies of the newest issue for $2 by clicking HERE.

You can also sponsor bulk magazines to be sent to the RACETRACK CHAPLAINS to be distributed at the NASCAR and NHRA tracks across the nation by simply using the donation button and giving a tax deductible gift to Christian Motorsports Ministries for the outreach program...

...and thank you for your faithfulness and encouragement!


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