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Road Rage

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Here I go, following the flow of traffic off the entrance onto the interstate. I glance over and merge with the other cars, as my lane is about to run out. Next thing I know, I have this pickup truck right on my bumper, blaring his horn and flashing his lights. Uh-oh! What did I do to him? I try to get over in another lane out of his way, but he follows me and stays right on my bumper, mere inches between us. I pray that nothing causes me to have to come to sudden stop, because if so… well, that would not be good. I speed up; he speeds up. His lights are now on bright, and I can see him shaking his fist, and an angry finger. He’s yelling something, but I couldn’t tell you what.

Typical road rage, I had to have done something to set him off, but I truly don’t know what. He may have been in my blind spot; it’s certainly possible. Whatever it was — he’s mad! I have to think fast! I have to do something to get him off my tail. Just ahead, the interstate breaks, and I need to follow to the right. I stay in the left lane until the last possible second, this raving guy in the truck behind me practically kissing my bumper, then jerk over to the right without leaving him room or time to follow. Oh yeah, he gets worse. I see him glaring at me through his driver’s side window. I hold up my hand and wiggle my fingers “goodbye.” (Probably shouldn’t have done that!) Even from the distance, I can see his fury escalade… (yeah; I definitely shouldn’t have done that). Thankfully, in a matter of moments we are out of each other’s sight and peacefully (I hope) on our way to our unique destinations.

Those hot buttons, everyone has them (some worse than others), and every so often someone is bound to push them. We are responsible for our actions, and our reactions. Let us ask ourselves, “Will this matter next week, or even tomorrow?” If not, why all the fuss? If we can refocus our frustrations and purpose within ourselves not to allow trivial, although irritating matters, to bother us so much, it will honestly be an improvement in our own quality of life, and even our health… especially on the road. Also, we should make an effort not to push those hot buttons that can set others off, as tempting as it may be… especially on the road!


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