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Tire Damage

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Do you ever look back and think, “(Groan) — was that really me?” Well, I could admit to quite a few of those moments, but one in particular came to mind recently:

I was in my mid-teens headed to the theme park, Six Flags over GA, with a friend, her older sister, and her sister’s friend. We were giggly and silly, like girls that age tend to be, without a care in the world, until we heard the dreadful noise: thump, thump, thump, thump, thump. (Uh oh…) We pulled over, jumped out to look, and sure enough, we had a flat. Okay, no problem, we would just change it and be on our way. We stood looking at one another with that “Ok, so now we know it’s flat, who is going to change it?” look. Then, realization began to dawn… not one of us knew how to change a tire. Great, just great!

“Oh well, how hard could it be?”  we thought. We pulled the good tire out of the trunk, and I was in charge of “guarding the tire.” Unfortunately, I did not lay it on its side, and got distracted by my friend’s sister as she “ever so diligently” worked on getting the bad tire off. What was worse was we were parked on a very steep hill. Suddenly I heard my friend cry, “Where is the tire?!” (Oops…) I turned and saw the tire roaring off down the hill, and I tore off after it. Then it rolled up the other side of the hill, and I followed behind it. Then the tire paused, and I paused… then the tire came rolling back down the hill toward me and I turned around and ran with this mass of rolling rubber chasing me!  Thank God, a couple of truckers showed up and helped out a few “damsels in distress.”

Isn’t that just how we are with our problems? Something goes wrong, and we call on God. “Hang on, I am on My way,” He says. However, we don’t want to wait, we want to go! So we try to fix the situation ourselves, and then realize… we don’t know how! “Ah, can’t be too hard,” we figure. So we set to work and suddenly things get crazy: we chase solutions to our problems, and then find ourselves trying to run from the problems our solutions created! Then God shows up, catches the runaway tire, flips out His mighty tire iron, and tackles the situation with ease. We watch, amazed and a little sheepish. He looks up at us and with a slight shake of the head gives us that fatherly, understanding smile and winks, “Next time, just wait for Me.”

God can see to the end from beginning, where we can’t. He reveals enough to us to keep us focused on the directions He has planned for us, but He does not expect us to run off and get ahead of him. When we have done all God has told us to do, we need to simply stand firm, and trust God. Believe in His power to deliver. Our challenges, problems, and flat tires are all incidental… only flat on the bottom. Let us be still and wait, and see the glory of His deliverance.
Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation. — Psalm 26:1(KJV)


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