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Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

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I was headed home one afternoon, with my nieces, Kelsey (10), Kayla (7), and nephew, Justin (5). They were staying over for the weekend. The oldest was riding up front with me, (safety airbag off, of course), and asked me to “Drive on the wrong side of the road, Aunt Tammy.” The two in the back started chiming, “Yeah, yeah!” I asked her, “Why do you want me to do that?’ “Because, it’s fun!” she replied. It was a long stretch of straight country road with nothing coming in either direction, so I decided to drift over to the “wrong side” for a brief moment to elicit a round of squeals and giggles.

A while later we turned onto a curvy road and my oldest niece asked me to “Drive on the wrong side of the road again.” “Oh no,” I said. “Why?” she asked. “Because,” I answered, “we can’t see around the curve.” “So,” she replied. “There could be a car coming,” I said. “There’s not a car coming,” she challenged. “You never know…” I told her. At that very moment, whoosh, a car came flying around the curve and right by us. I looked over and saw her eyes wide from the realization of what could have been. “Now do you see why I wouldn’t do it?” I asked. “Yeah,” she said, “we could have been killed!”

That simple incident reminded me of our relationships with God. So often, we go before Him with our requests, and He complies. Sometimes what we ask for may seem “frivolous,” still He complies. However, there are times when we ask for something, and He does not comply. “Why not?” we wonder. “Why deny us these things, the ‘desires of our hearts.’”

The answer is simple God has curve vision. He can see what is just around the curve, where we cannot. Maybe we would have been miserable in that new job we were hoping for. Maybe that car was prone to expensive mechanical problems. Maybe that date would have been a disaster.

God is not out to deny us, but instead to spare us. His “no’s” are “no’s” of love. It may seem frustrating at the time, but keep the faith. Where there is a “no” with God, there is always an “I have something better.”


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