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Just Say “No” to Saudi Oil

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As I began this issue’s editorial, I was all ready to tell you how to avoid buying gasoline from stations that use oil imported from the Persian Gulf.

I had just received another chain email, but this one got my attention. It told how and where to buy American gasoline. There was a list of companies in it indicating the percentage of oil they imported from the Middle East. There was also a list of companies that stuck strictly with homeland oil. It even cited that all the information was taken from and available by the U.S. Dept of Energy. It was quite convincing.

Then I noticed a small detail that threw a red flag up to me: the list had Amoco & BP listed as two separate entities. Now I knew the two had merged some time back; so I thought, “Ok the info is just out of date.” I went on the DOE website for myself to get the most current and accurate info.

Ouch! Was I in for a surprise! It turns out that the name on the service station sign does not necessarily mean you are purchasing gas from that said company’s refinery. This is because the fuel from different refineries is often combined for shipment by pipeline, and the only difference in the gasoline at station “A” vs. station “B” may be the small amount of additives the companies add to the gas before it gets to the pump. Additionally, because of the global market, boycotting companies with a known history of importing oil from the Persian Gulf would have little or no impact.

So, unfortunately I cannot tell you how to “just say ‘no’ to Saudi oil.”

However, this incident did remind me of human nature’s gullibility. Often times, if something sounds believable enough and the source seems credible, we take it to be true without even checking the facts for ourselves.

The worst case is when we do this with the Word of God. I cannot tell you how often I hear, “It’s in the Bible” and I think, “I’ve never seen it in there.” Regardless of the credibility of the source, or how convincing it may seem — check it out for yourself. Turn to the one true source — the Bible. You may just be surprised at what you will learn!

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