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Freedom Isn’t Free

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Ah, the freedom of the open road.  You just slide onto the pavement, and set sail.  The wind whips right on by with the miles… what a feeling! Imagine what it would be like if someone took that freedom away.  Imagine if someone said, “Joyriding is illegal, the government has declared it unconstitutional.”

Ridiculous, right?  That would be insane, just silly. However, little by little our freedoms are being taken away.

I wonder what our ancestors would have said if they were told that their children could no longer utter a prayer in school; if the Ten Commandments had to be taken off the walls of public service offices; if the name of God was removed from the pledge of allegiance…To them, it would be insane.

Freedom isn’t free. Christ bought our freedom from the bondages of sin over 2000 years ago, and our men and women fight for our rights to freedom on the battlefields every day.

Our freedom was and is still being paid for, so why are our freedoms being taken away?

As Believers, it is our responsibility, our duty and our privilege as warriors in the battle for Christ to fight on His behalf for the rights to keep our freedom to worship and honor Him whenever, wherever, and in front of whoever.  No exceptions.

Let us unite with our voices and our votes, reclaiming the rights to our freedom.


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